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The Heart of Giving as an Extended Resource

The Heart of Giving is an outreach organization that encourages the community to come together in unity, with one heart, to be a willing blessing through unconditional acts of giving. We feel that it is our responsibility to touch hearts and change lives through using the opportunities to give unto others. Through our organization, we work as an extended resource to other non-profits, government agencies, and churches to provide them with tangible items for free that they cannot obtain themselves for their needy clients. By providing these tangible items, we build relationships with love, unity, and support.

In the past, our organization has operated solely through local and regional Facebook pages, but in the past four years, we have expanded our outreach to include working as a resource to over 75 Hampton Roads organizations, and we would like to partner with YOU!

Since our conception six years ago, our Facebook pages have grown to over 75,000 members in four different states where members bless each other for FREE with tangible items such as clothing, housewares, furniture, food, baby items, vehicles, and more. In the Hampton Roads area alone, we have about 33,000 members and growing daily! We have a volunteer administrative team of twenty-six people who oversee the daily workings of the pages 24/7.

Behind the scenes of Facebook and “on the ground”, we utilize our IMPACT Teams in Hampton Roads, Delaware, and Texas. These teams are composed of volunteers who work four to six days a week picking up and blessing out furniture, decor, clothing, hygiene products, linens, and housewares to clients or homeless drives of the above agencies. We do not sell any of items that we receive in as donations. All items are given for free.

We currently have a storage area here in Newport News where we keep and bless out our incoming donations daily, but our requests for help from other agencies and our intake of donations has increased so much that we are outgrowing our space.  We are seeking assistance and/or funding from local business owners or organizations to find a building with electricity and parking where we can not only store our donations, but also house a free blessings storefront.

If you are in need of resources for your clients/church members, or if you would like to partner with us tangibly or financially, please email us at   We look forward to meeting you soon!

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