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Amy Head Shot 6.9.2016Amy Jones has been married to her husband, Richard Jones, a Naval Officer and a Minister of the Gospel, for 18 years. She is a Minister in Training of the Gospel, and a Church Trustee of Living Faith Christian Center, Newport News, Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have 6 children and one grandson. She is currently leading The Heart of Friendship, a group in which she encourages women to come together and develop friendships. Mrs. Jones has been a believer of Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior since 2001.Mrs. Jones was born in Cambodia and knew what it was like to live in poverty. In 1981, she came to the United States with her family. She grew up in Wisconsin, living on welfare in a low income housing.  Mrs. Jones remembered how her parents, who spoke very little English, would go shopping at garage sales and thrift stores, and did everything they could to make ends meet. She and her family learned how to survive in this new Country called the United States.

Mrs. Jones moved to San Diego, California, at the age of 18. During the time she was in San Diego, California, from 1989-2000, Mrs. Jones experienced many obstacles and had a hard time providing for her family. She was often without formula and food for her baby girl, diapers, and clothes. She had no car, and no furniture for the apartment.  Many nights she would cry wondering how and when her needs would be met.  At one point, they became homeless. Many nights they would go to bed hungry, and they moved from place to place, staying with whoever was willing to let them spend the night and, still, Mrs. Jones survived. She remembered how her mother had taught her to survive despite her circumstances.

In the summer of 2001, the family transferred to Pensacola, Florida. They had an empty apartment and no car; they walked everywhere. The apartment didn’t stay empty long, however. Mrs. Jones made many friends in the neighborhood. When families left to go to their next duty station, she asked them for the items she needed for her family and her home. By the time the family left Florida, the apartment was fully furnished.

In the Fall of 2001, Mrs. Jones’s family was transferred to Oak Harbor, Washington.  Although she didn’t know it at the time, it was here that Mrs. Jones was preparing for what God was going to do through her.  During her time in Oak Harbor, Mrs. Jones became well established in the Community.  From 2001-2012, Mrs. Jones owned several businesses; a daycare, boutique, bridal shop, and consignment store. Being in the public market place, Mrs. Jones developed compassion, unity, and love for the Community.  While she was engaging with customers and building relationships with the Community, she saw so many people who were in need.  Her heart grew so much love for the people, that she would give her products from the businesses to bless them.  She would get to know the people, find out about their needs and would do whatever it took to help them get their needs met. Mrs. Jones was encouraging others in the community to help as well.

While owning the businesses, Mrs. Jones felt empty; she did not want to sell anymore.  Her heart wanted to bless people with whatever they needed.  She allowed God to guide and direct her heart’s desire.  Mrs. Jones just wanted to give, give, and give.  Seeing the families get their needs met made her happy and she gave God the glory.  Mrs. Jones sought the Lord about her heart’s desire which was to help meet the needs of the Community.  She prayed, fasted, and sought counsel about the Vision.  She wrestled with it for 6 months.  Early one morning, at 2AM, in October, 2011, The Heart of Giving’s first Facebook page was birthed.  Upon waking up the next morning, the page had grown to about 200 members asking to get their needs met.  Mrs. Jones felt at peace!!

12208804_862796177168063_2870149939591476460_nIn 2012, Mrs. Jones and her family were transferred here, to Newport News, VA, where she continues to oversee The Heart of Giving organization. The Heart of Giving has grown to over 58,000 members with 26 active pages in 16 cities throughout Washington, Texas, Delaware and Virginia.

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